Chatham Inn Relais & Châteaux is proud to display a rotating showcase of the artwork by gifted local artists throughout our hotel and restaurant.

Painting by Steve Lyons
Painting by Steve Lyons
Opus in Blue #2 by Steve Lyons

Steve Lyons

The work of Steve Lyons is the perfect complement to the décor at Chatham Inn Relais & Châteaux. As one of the top 5 impressionists in the world, his signature pieces have been described as “visual and tactile.” Mr. Lyons has often said, “Cape Cod provides the perfect, pristine, and virtually limitless inspiration for my seascapes.”

Ocean wave close up photo by Paul Blackmore
Sunken Wharf starry night photo by Paul Blackmore
Lighthouse photo by Paul Blackmore

Paul Blackmore

Paul Blackmore’s photos evoke the true beauty and magic that can be found around every corner on Cape Cod. Drawing inspiration from where the sand meets the sea, the pieces at Chatham Inn Relais & Châteaux bring the shore of Cape Cod inside.

Stefan Freitag

Stefan Freitag

Stefan Freitag is a self-taught artist of Danish and Austrian decent, born in Copenhagen Denmark in 1980. In the past 15 years, he has experimented with both motives and messages in his art. Finding inspiration in the vibrant and at times chaotic city of Copenhagen, his style is colorful, dynamic and playful. He has gradually discovered his own style and the “shaky” perspective that you find in his art has become his signature.

He paints spontaneously and translates his thoughts and ideas onto the canvas. Having a background as a carpenter, it is natural for him to make and stretch the canvases himself. The black or white wooden frames are also crafted in his own studio. He uses raw and solid wood that gives a sharp and exclusive finish. He never compromises with his professional integrity. “You do not just buy a painting – you buy a piece of art.” In 2015, he resigned from his job to focus exclusively on his art and live the dream of being the architect of his own fortune.